Agricultural robot with wireless emergency stop

indus gemini e-stop from tyro

Self-driving Robotti

AGROINTELLI from Denmark is a development company for sustainable farming. It devises advanced products and new technological applications that reduce risk and effort for modern agricultural farmers. One of these products is the agricultural robot: Robotti.

This robot can sow, spray and even weed autonomously. With its GPS connection and exact data it collects, it gives valuable information to the farmer.

Tablet or smartphone

The control is done via an app on a phone or tablet. This machine ensures greater efficiency in the field and thus saves the farmer money and time.

Safety first

Safety has been very important in the development of the Robotti. An emergency stop has been added, allowing the driver to stop the robot remotely in case of an emergency situation. The choice was made for the Indus emergency stop by Tyro Remotes, which reacts within 0.5 seconds and is impact and shock resistant. The Indus remote control is supplied together with the Gemini receiver and meets the strict safety requirements of Performance Level c (PL c).