Tyro Remotes is moving

The time has come; Tyro Remotes is moving! Due to the enormous growth that we have experienced over the past few years, the time has come for us to move to a new location that will suit our current organization for the oncoming years. Not only has the number of employees increased, the storage for the production of industrial remote controls has also increased.

The former premises of the printing company Algrafo was made available last year, this made Tyro take the step. The oncoming 3rd of April , the employees of Tyro Remotes will continue their work 1,7 kilometres from their current position.

Inside the premises a complete metamorphosis has taken place. We will be dealing with the outside in a later stage this year. The drawing above shows what the premises will look like.

Our new address is:

Bedrijvenpark Twente 299
7602 KK Almelo
The Netherlands

The phone number remains unchanged.