Automated horticultural production line with robot

100,000 pots per day, wireless communication is the key to efficiency! Placing or picking up the potted plants at a precise distance of millimeters is a process that must be done with great caution. At one of our customers, this whole process is fully automated using a robot which is managed by Tyro’s wireless remote control.

Manage multiple processes at once

The gardener manages the robot, conveyors, pick & place units and ultimately the palletizer by a wireless remote control. For the end result to be successful it is important that all these processes are managed simultaneously in the order that they need to be performed.

Smart robot

The robot has a huge capacity. But more importantly, the robot knows that the plants have to be placed at a precise distance of millimeters from each other so that they can fully develop.

Wireless remote control

Both at the picking and placing of the plants, it is important that the above-mentioned processes run in a series without any disruption. It is annoying if a fault occurs in the pick and place machine but it is worse if the rotating conyeyor keeps coming with the damaged plants. That is why it is no wonder that more and more gardeners choose to manage these crucial processes (sowing and harvesting) through a wireless remote control.

Configuration of the radio remote

After consulting the manufacturer of the robot and the gardner; and after considering the complexity and size of the machinery, the configuration of the remote control is set.

Customised products

The needs and wishes of our customers vary in this sector according to their situation and therefore, are very diverse. The fact that Tyro can make customised products with great amount of flexibility means a lot to our customers in these sectors.