Professional wood-splitting using a radio remote

A trend that we as an exhibitor saw at the last ‘Agritechnica’ trade fair in Hanover is the rediscovery of wood for heating purposes and generating electricity. Wood is gaining a lot of popularity as a renewable source of energy and the financial advantages that it provides.


Special forestry machines are used both for the preservation and the processing of the wood. An example of such a machine is a log-splitter which helps cut the tree trunks into small pieces.

Forestry machines remotely controlled

Splitters are hydraulically driven. They split logs in a vertical or horizontal position. A thick tree trunk is obviously very heavy and therefore, to simplify the transportation of those thick trunks to the splitter, mostly a compact winch is mounted on the machine.

Fornax Basic Safe remote control

The manufacturer of log-splitters uses the Tyro Fornax Basic / Aquarius remote control for this application.

Radio remote attached to belt

During the dragging of the tree trunks, it is important to position them correctly on the splitter. By means of a belt-clip, the operator can attach the remote to his belt. This makes it easier for him to use the remote control when required to adjust the position of the tree trunk. He can now operate the winch to pull the tree trunk and position it as desired without going back and forth to the splitting machine. Thus, having a Tyro remote is a definite plus in terms of comfort and convenience, with a positive effect on the productivity.