Radiographic controls integrated in (field)bus networks

fieldnus radio receiver ethernet

Tyro Remotes with the Virgo Fieldbus receiver is the only supplier that offers it’s customers the opportunity to send data from the master to the display of the transmitter according to their own preferences.

Feedback on the transmitter

Because of the free programmable LCD screen of the radio transmitters, it is possible to display any data graphically – such as temperature, pressure measurements or error messages. In addition to this special feature, it is also possible to use LEDs and acoustic signals on the transmitter to put extra emphasis on the important messages in order to bring them even better to the attention of the user.

State of the art Modular design

As Tyro Virgo uses interchangeable bus modules, the system is compatible with all the leading (field) bus protocols (e.g. CANopen and Profibus). Due to this modular design, Tyro Virgo is the ideal solution for system integrators and machine builders for controlling both new as well as existing machines and production lines.

Professional support

Despite the fact that the applied (field) bus protocols make the communication between the control unit and the machine a lot easier, extra support by our technical specialists is always possible. Besides that Tyro provides its customers with the complete and comprehensive product documentation (technical manuals, GSD / EDS files etc.). Next to that, our technical consultants are always at your service to provide you a personal advice when required.