Highly mechanized manure-mix equipment

Due to the high degree of industrialization in the agricultural sector, practically in all branches ultramodern machines are deployed. The same applies to the manure storage and usage branch. In large silos there are thousand cubic meters of manure/slurry which is stored until it is dispatched.

Manure-mix-pump remotely controlled

In the mean time, it is important that the manure is mixed into a homogeneous mass for spreading purposes. A German machine manufacturer, specialized in manure technology, offers high-quality solutions for the processing of the manure. An example of this is the manure-mix pump. A machine which is built on a standard tractor with a powerful pump and a mixer.

Hydraulic arms

The mixer and the pump hang on the hydraulic arms. Between these arms, there is a long pipe that pumps up the manure from the silo into the manure container.

Wireless control

All functions of the machine about 24 can be wirelessly managed by using the wireless remote control Cetus / Norma with 12 functions. By making use of a menu structure and a two-hand control, all 12 functions are managed by the 12-channel key pad of the Cetus transmitter.

Easy to use

The key pad is very clear due to the symbols on it and can be operated intuitively. This wireless system provides a user the necessary flexibility required to keep an eye on every part of the process. Besides that you get an uncluttered cabin without all types of control cabinets with cables. It can be said that the use of radio remote controls has made manure management an easily manageable job.