Wirelessly Controlled Irrigation/Spray System

wireless remote control for irregation

A sprinkler system generally consists of a powerful pump – for example the pump that pumps out the water from a ditch. When the computer indicates that the spray gun has finished with its programme, the pump is expected to stop immediately.

This is done with the help of an Aquarius transmitter and an Aquarius receiver.

Aquarius M2M system

The Aquarius that is programmed as transmitter receives a signal from the spray gun and sends it to the pump (at a distance of 700 meters!) which then directly shuts down. All this without human intervention, without the touch of a button.

This solution comes from the demand for a stable communication signal which the user can always trust. Tyro Remotes offers this guarantee with the M2M control systems based on the latest radiographic technology.


The term ‘M2M’ or ‘Machine to Machine’ stands for the communication between machines without any human intervention.