Hoof-Trimming with wireless control!

Cow care along with maximizing nutrition plays a crucial role in achieving milk production targets. One of the things in cow care is the hoof-trimming. Experience shows that hoof-trimming has positive effects on the milk production.

The foot care of the cow known as hoof-trimming is done with a hoof-trimming crusher. Tyro Remotes has played an important role in the revolutionary development of controlling these crushers with a radio remote control. The wireless radio remote provides the hoof-trimmer all the functions on his fingertips.

Outsourcing the hoof-trimming

Due to the expansion of the livestock, farmers are increasingly outsourcing some activities and hoof-trimming is one such activity. It is done by a full-time hoof-trimmer.

Efficiency and comfort

As the hoof-trimmer has a specialized client base with multiple farms, it is of crucial importance that he has an effectively working crusher. A crusher with a remote control is very efficient and effective in its use. The hoof-trimming crusher can be adjusted as required in order to take care of the Cow comfort. Such hydraulically driven functions can be done within minutes by using a Pyxis radio remote.

Cleaning with a high pressure cleaner

Also, in this application the sturdiness and high moisture-resistance of the Tyro radio remotes plays an important role as the machine should remain suitable for cleaning using jetting equipment. Thus, a perfect application for 100% waterproof Aquarius receiver.