Remote control for chicken feeding lines

As chickens grow old, to prevent excess spillage, feeding lines need to be adjusted. Feed consumption needs to be monitored to detect any problems with the operation of the feeding lines. One of our customers uses remote control set Cetus/Norma to manage this.

The customer manages 18 drinking lines and 9 feeding lines at a poultry farm which otherwise would be a very labour-intensive process.

Time saver

Tyro’s remote control set is used to adjust these feeding lines and the drinking lines. This saves the owner of the farm a lot of time. As the owner of the farm has mostly other things to do such as tillage, this saved time is very crucial for his business.

High range

The high range of the system makes sure that the transmitter can always reach the controller and can function without any problems.

Display with menu

The entire complex consists of three identical halls. In each hall there is a Norma controller which is controlled by the Cetus transmitter. The owner uses the ‘menu-button’ to switch through the different halls. The bright LCD display informs the user about the current menu/hall being managed by him.