Temperature measurement in livestock cargo

In the animal transport, the temperature inside the cargo should legally meet certain standards. The temperature is measured by a sensor and can be read in the cabin. For such a application you need a duplex remote.

A Tyro remote has already been used for the operation of valves, bulkheads, shaft and the fan, therefore, it was a small step for Tyro to make a duplex remote control with a display to read the temperature on the transmitter. By doing that, Tyro made it possible to read the temperature on the transmitter!

Reliable, safe and custom-made are the core values of the tyro remotes.

This project shows our core value that we are good at customisation. The other two values that our products are reliable and safe is evident from the rapid growth of our organization, various certifications that we have and our reputed client base.

Many customers are also attracted to Tyro’s flexibility as an organization and as a manufacturer of industrial remote controls. At tyro, customer-specific modifications can be achieved quickly and cost-effectively.