Remotely controlled agitator on biogas plant

Biogas plants on farms are increasingly using wireless radio remotes for the management of the plant. Wireless radio remotes are not only used to operate manure pumps but next to that they are also increasingly deployed to manage the agitators in a manure tank.

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Mixing the of the manure

An agitator is built in the manure silo to stir the manure. Before introducing the manure to the digester, it is important to mix it into a homogeneous mass. In the manure-mixing process, the manure is stirred with the help of electric mixers. For a good mixing of the manure, it is neccessary that it is mixed using the correct speed and hence, the mixers should be cautiously operated.

These mixers are composed of one or several arms, which are placed diagonally in the silo. A large propeller is attached to this arm which is responsible for the mixing of the slurry. This arm is driven by an electric motor.

Connected with radio remote control

Because the arm is diagonally placed, the electric motor is positioned right above the high silo. The only IP68 controller on the market the Tyro Aquarius is connected to the electric motor. The high range – up to 600 meters in the free field – makes it possible for the user to switch on the stirring apparatus from far away in the fields.

The trend towards ever-increasing industrial biogas plants also makes higher demands on the radio control technology. Besides the number of systems and the intensity of use, the expected reliability of the radio remotes is very important.

Suitable for biogas-industry

Aquarius receiver based control systems are very suitable for this industry. Tyro Remotes has the necessary know-how required to deliver a radio remote control for the Biogas-industry. With its open and clear communication with the customers, Tyro Remotes has always succeeded in meeting the rising expectations concerning the radio remotes.