Update in Musca / Sedna transmitters

In order to meet the demand of being able to configure our controls, all controls from the Musca and Sedna range are equipped with new software in combination with the Aquarius receiver. Received our transmitter after May 1st? Then your remote control is included in our last software installation. You will be able to configure your remote controls according to your needs. The new Musca / Sedna handheld transmitters remain compatible with previously supplied sets.

For example, you can now configure the transmitter’s buttons from pulse to flip/flop, set up the button locks between the various buttons and, for example, enable range limitation. See below for the functions that are changeable. These are also explained in a series of instructional videos.

Buttons MuscaButtons SednaStandard configuration (1x flashing LED)Configurable options (2x flashing LED)
Button 1PulseLatching
Button 2PulseLatching
Button 3PulseLatching
Button 4PulseLatching
Button 1 & 2▼ & ▲Mutually blockedNo blocking
Button 3 & 4◄ & ►Mutually blockedNo blocking
Button 5 & 6Mutually blockedNo blocking
Button 1 & 3▼ & ◄No blockingMutually blocked
Button 2 & 4▲ & ►No blockingMutually blocked
Button 3 & 5No blockingMutually blocked
Button 4 & 6No blockingMutually blocked
STOP-ButtonSTOP-ButtonPulse (NO)Relay function (NC)
ONONRange limitation offRange limitation on