Corona update: working from home at Tyro Remotes

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“At Tyro Remotes we also started working from home as much as possible. You can read how this functions for our marketer Marloes here:

Working from home with the whole family: 3 children, my husband and myself, at first we thought how are we going to manage this?

Fortunately, we have laptops, Ipads and a chromebooks available at home making us ready to work digitally. I was allowed to take the Mac from my office desk and install it so that I could work flawlessly at home, that is great! But then in practice: how are we going to ensure that everyone stays working and that all the homework is done and checked? Questions about physics, German and grammar analysis, did make my brain exercise. But we have found our way and are managing.

It has been a challenging task but we are doing our best! And though it has been challenging, I cannot forget  to mention the pleasant side of it. Things like having extensive lunch together, chatting while walking the dog, honestly, I can get used to that.

New developments at Tyro Remotes:

Fortunately, working from home at Tyro Remotes is going smoothly and I have been given the freedom to divide my hours over the week at my own discretion. A number of new products are in the pipeline for which I am currently carrying out the preparatory work.

We are still on schedule, so far so good! I don’t really like video calling and because I live close to Tyro Remotes, I drive to the office once a week for a meeting. Looking into each other’s eyes at a safe distance of 1.5 meters gives enough energy to take on the work at home. Hopefully we can all get back to work and school in a short time.

Hold on and stay healthy! Colleagues see you soon!”