Charging station for Pyxis, Corvus and Libra (Safe) remote control

A leading German machine manufacturer had produced a series of machines and required a remote control with which different settings could be made. Initially a wired system seemed to be the solution; settings could easily be done on the machine. The machine manufacturer came back soon after having to replace a cable at the end user several times.

Wear and limited movement space

Customers came back complaining about wear and tear on the cable. The solution was found to be unsuitable for the heavy industrial conditions in which the machine was used. In addition, the operator was bound to stay in one place far too long. The machine had to be adapted on the spot, while wanting to operate a number of machines from one location at the same time.

Standard remote control?

From the feedback given to our client, it seemed that a wireless remote control would be the best solution. Important selection criteria were that the remote control would have a safe wireless connection and made of robust material. In addition, they wanted a stop button and a logo on the transmitter and receiver. The machine manufacturer soon came to Tyro Remotes, where all his requirements were met. However, because we wanted to be on the safe side, we first sent a demo remote control to be tested by the client for one month.

A charging station for safe operation

After the test phase people were convinced about the Tyro remote control. The only problem was that a charging station was needed with which the remote control would have a fixed place on the machine. A similar charging station was already available before the version without the emergency stop button however the safe version (with stop button) did not have this because the rubber protection sleeve made it impossible.

Where others give up, is where Tyro starts up. The engineers developed a charging station (12/24V or 230V) that clamps the remote control without causing any wear and tear to the device. After extensive testing the charging station was put into production and is available for all clients. The Pyxis, Corvus and Libra hand-held transmitters are provided with an emergency stop button and can be combined with this charging station.

Series production for your machine

Tyro remote controls, along with individual characteristics such as your logo, layout and custom icons, an absolutely unique OEM product which can be used with any machine. Don’t hesitate to contact us and see if we can meet your needs.