Wireless transmitter for spray gun

Cast transmitter and receiver with external connection

An international company specialized in industrial cleaning has developed a new, highly flexible high-pressure spray gun. The gun of the high-pressure cleaner already makes use of a thick hose to for the water supply; by using a cable to operate the the water supply the the professional user would be seriously limited in movement.

Wired and standard remote controls are not sufficient

For heavy industrial applications when long distances have to be covered a wired system is definitely not a solution. Whoever thinks that it can be solved by using a simple remote control is mistaken. Industrial cleaning of bridges, buildings or canals requires a lot of water sprayed under high pressure. A protection marking of IP66 is often insufficient. Additionally, it is inconceivable to hold an industrial spray gun with one hand, at such high pressure and operate the remote control with the other hand.

Custom made transmitter with external connection

A high pressure spray gun must be operated using both hands. The most practical solution is to integrate the transmitter in the spray-gun. The engineers at Tyro, together with the customer came up with a perfect solution in which the the print card of the remote control is made-to-measure for the spray lance. The transmitter is connected by means of a flat cable and with the aid of an operating button the customer can send a radio signal to the receiver to set the pressure or control other functions.

Solid cast – 100% waterproof

Of course there is no single guarantee that a transmitter is waterproof if it is placed in a housing. Tyro’s solution to ensure a 100% waterproof guarantee is simple but effective: the entire circuit card is encapsulated by means of a synthetic resin. With the exception of the antenna, that when encapsulated in synthetic resin, would not have the optimal range (up to 700 metres) which it now has. The result is a new remote control added to our special assortments: the Carina. In combination with the 100% waterproof radiographic receiver this set is the optimal, waterproof and flexible solution that can be used for other applications.

Maximum mobility

Because the Carina transmitter uses very little electricity and normally works with a 9 volt battery, the battery has to be replaced every two years. However, the client has designed the spray gun so that the transmitter is recharged as soon as the gun is put back into the charger.

Our strength: individual solutions

Do you have an application that goes beyond the limits of a standard remote control? Perhaps the Carina in combination with the Aquarius receiver is the ideal solution. Our consultants will assist you in finding the optimal solution. Ask us!