Sun, sand and dust – robot keeps solar panels clean

Generating green energy using conventional solar panels is not a new thing. In the Netherlands, we do not know about the Solar thermal power generation centers. In areas with plenty of sunshine such as in the south of Europe, it is common to establish such plants. On an area of about 1 square kilometer, there are many solar panels arranged. These reflect the sunlight on a steam generator which is situated above the panels. This generator in combination with the turbines generates energy from the steam. A robot managed with wireless remote control keeps these solar panels clean.

Semi-automatic wash robots

Windblown dust and other dirt that falls on the collectors reduces their efficient working. In order to combat this problem, occasionally semi-automatic wash robot is allowed to go around the collectors. When the robot is ready with cleaning a row of about one kilometer long – an employee sets the robot in the opposite direction on a new row.

Wireless remote control

With a wireless remote control employees can stop and then restart the robot. All cleaning functions of the robot can be wirelessly operated. All this within a radius of about 300 meters. The robot does its work independently. A receiver is mounted on the robot which is controlled by two transmitters. On both sides of the field employees are standing with a transmitter.

Such mobile washing systems are often controlled with a radio remote control. Thus, industrial remotes of ‘Tyro’ are frequently used to clean the horticultural greenhouses, roofs of large stations and to wash the windows of large buildings.