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Corporate Social Responsibility by Tyro Remotes

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means that you as a company takes responsibility for the impact of your business on the people, the society and the environment. These are the activities that are a step beyond the required laws. These are achieved through social engagement and a forward-looking vision.

Therefore, Tyro Remotes not only strives to a higher operating efficiency in all business decisions but we try to exploit all the opportunities that can limit the impact of our operations on the environment and can increase the welfare of our employees and the society.

We focus on the areas where our impact is the greatest and where possible, we also work together with suppliers and partners. Besides that Tyro Remotes tries to find a balance between the well-known 3 P’s: People, Planet and Profit.


Tyro Remotes seeks the welfare of the people inside and outside of the company through:

  • motivating it’s employees and increasing the sense of responsibility
  • encouraging personal development in a broader sense
  • providing excellent working environment
  • the optimal use of human talents from all cultures and backgrounds. That is the reason that Tyro has a very diverse working force including students, returnees, immigrants and people returning back to work after disability leave
  • learning to combine work with care and other social functions
  • ambassador for Oxfam Novib, a Dutch charity that fights for a world without poverty.


Tyro Remotes contributes to a better environment by:

    • innovation and optimization of the production process, reducing the material required and enabling the reuse of it
    • optimization of the logistics process;
      • sales from the office (on the road if needed, no unnecessary CO2 emissions)
      • recyclable packaging products
    • a ‘paperless office’ as all communication such as quotations, orders, invoices are sent by e-mail
    • environmental agreements with suppliers
    • donate to the Dutch Wadden Sea Society.


Tyro Remotes contributes to a growing economy and employment by:

      • By keeping the development and production of radio remotes under one roof in the Netherlands. This way the company creates jobs in the region and exploits the knowledge of the skilled people in the Netherlands
      • By being an accredited training company. Tyro Remotes has a good relationship with various educational institutions from which many students join trainings in various sectors at Tyro Remotes
      • The company won the WTC Twente Export Award 2010 and thus, plays an ambassador for the companies in the Twente region.