In the spotlight: trainee Mike

Tyro Remotes considers it important that students have the opportunity to gain work experience within the industry in which they follow the training. Each year we have several electronics students doing their internships in the production department. At the end of their internship we always ask them how they experienced it.

Who is Mike and what is your training?

I am busy doing the vocational education at level 4 at the ROC in Almelo. I am 20 years old and live in Vasse. I’m almost finished with my internship of six months.
Earlier I always enjoyed making inventions.. However, the interest in electro technology only came true when we went to the workshop on Friday afternoons and work on nice projects. After deciding on opening days, I chose for electro technology.

What have you learned at Tyro Remotes?

Working in a company is, of course, a lot different from learning things at school. It was nice to say that the whole production took place here. With some companies, it is only about assembling or working in the workshop. Here I was able to pick up tasks independently and I can choose when and what I do.

How did you feel about the internship?

The internship went very well, it was nice to do and it is also great that I can work here during the school holidays. I was there during an unusual period because Tyro was in the middle of renovations and busy with the move. My internship was not only electrically related; I regularly jumped in and gave a helping hand if needed.

I really enjoyed helping in the engineering department. I had an internship assignment for client – specific software. It was something completely new for me and interesting to see it from close up.

What are your plans for the future?

My parents have a company in livestock;I would like to continue with that in the future. When I have completed this training I intend to continue studying HBO (higher vocational education) study for agricultural entrepreneurship in animal farming. My intention is to continue working in electro-related functions for the oncoming years.