Programming Indus / Gemini, emergency stop

In this tutorial it will be explained how the Indus 1S remote control can be programmed in conjunction with the Gemini receiver.

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Programming a new transmitter on the receiver

Please note that all systems are already programmed ex-factory!

If you want to program a new Indus transmitter on the Gemini receiver, proceed as follows:

  1. Make sure the Gemini receiver is connected correctly and switched off, likewise with the transmitter.
  2. If the housing is closed screw it open, locate the white programming button on the circuit board
  3. Press the white key and hold it down while you switch on the voltage on the Gemini receiver.
  4. The status LED on the receiver lights up red, you can now let go of the white key.
  5. Activate the transmitter within 20 seconds, after 20 seconds program mode is discontinued, start up again
  6. Once the transmitter is enabled within 20 seconds the LED on the receiver will start flashing yellow

Only 1 transmitter can be programmed on the Gemini 1S, as soon as a new transmitter is programmed the previously programmed transmitter will be overwritten.