Programming Musca / Aquarius

This tutorial is designed for the Musca remote control in combination with the Aquarius receiver.

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Programming a new/additional Musca transmitter to the Aquarius receiver

Please note: All systems are already programmed at the factory. Unless you want to programme a new transmitter to the receiver, you need not to change the factory settings of the product.

If you wish to program an additional or new hand-held transmitter to the Aquarius receiver, take the following steps:

  1. Make sure that the Aquarius is correctly connected and has supply voltage.
  2. Press the black programming button on the bottom of the receiver for 1 second, the status LED on the receiver will light up red.
  3. Switch on the hand-held transmitter, the LED on the receiver will now flash yellow.
  4. The transmitter is now programmed to the receiver.
  5. Make sure it works by pressing a button, if the status LED on the receiver flashes yellow (± 2x per second), the programming was successful.

To delete all the transmitters from the memory of the receiver, keep the programming button pressed down for longer than 8 seconds until the red status LED on the Aquarius switches off.