Programming the transmitter Fornax and receiver Aquarius

Corresponding transmitters: Fornax Basic series, Fornax Delta series and the Fornax Pro. Please click on the captions icon to enable the subtitles (English, French, German or Dutch).

This instructional video was created for the Aquarius 4041. If you have an Aquarius 4042 (delivered from September 2014) you can use the programming button on the bottom of the housing. Instructions can be found. further down this page.

Aquarius: teach-in a transmitter in 10 simple steps

  1. Locate the wires no.1, 7 and the ground wire (green/yellow)
  2. Connect the ground wire to the V-
  3. Connect wire no.1 to the V+
  4. Turn on the power
  5. For a maximum of 1 second, connect wire no.7 to the power supply
  6. The yellow status LED on the receiver will light up continuously
  7. Press the on/off switch on the Fornax transmitter in the direction of the green ON symbol.
  8. The yellow status LED on the receiver will flash and switch off
  9. Check if the transmitter has been programmed
  10. If so, the system is ready for use
  • Repeat the above steps to teach-in multiple transmitters to the receiver.
  • After programming, reconnect wire no. 7 to the ground (earth) connection.
  • After assembly, cut off and insulate all the unused wires.
  • In order to erase all transmitters from the system, please repeat step 5 for a minimum of 8 seconds untill the yellow LED on the receiver turns off.
  • To optimize the range of the Fornax transmitter, it is recommended to place the antenna of the Aquarius receiver as high as possible without obstructing metal objects.
Wires no. 1, no. 7 and the grounding wire (click for a larger image)

Programming (an additional or repaired) transmitter to the receiver (version *4042)

Please note: all systems have already been programmed at the factory!

If you would like to program an additional or new transmitter to the Aquarius receiver, follow the steps below

  1. Ensure that the Aquarius is correctly connected and is supplied with power supply.
  2. Press the black programming button on the bottom of the receiver for 1 second, the status LED on the receiver will light up red.
  3. Turn the transmitter on, the LED on the receiver will now blink yellow.
  4. The transmitter is now programmed on the receiver.
  5. Check the functionality by pressing a button, if the status LED on the receiver blinks yellow (± 2x per second), the programming has been completed successfully.

To delete all the transmitters from the memory of the receiver, keep the programming button pressed down for longer than 8 seconds until the red status LED on the Aquarius switches off.