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Lyra / Hydrus pairing guide

This tutorial is intended for the Lyra remote control in combination with the Hydrus receiver.

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Programming a new/additional Lyra transmitter to the Hydrus receiver

Please note: All systems are already programmed at the factory.

If you wish to program a new or extra Lyra transmitter to the Hydrus receiver, please follow the steps shown below:

  1. Make sure that the Hydrus is correctly connected and has supply voltage.
  2. Press the black programming button on the bottom of the receiver for 1 second, the status LED on the receiver will light up red.
  3. Switch on the Lyra transmitter, the LED on the receiver will now flash yellow.
  4. The transmitter is now programmed to the receiver.
  5. Make sure it works by pressing a button, if the status LED on the receiver flashes yellow (± 2x per second), the programming was successful.

To delete all the transmitters from the memory of the receiver, keep the programming button pressed down for longer than 8 seconds until the red status LED on the Hydrus switches off.

Instruction video Lyra / Hydrus

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