Remote controls for recovery vehicles

Tyro Remotes is specialized in developing wireless remotes for mobile applications. Recovery vehicles such as tow trucks and rescue vehicles can easily be equipped with our remote controls to wirelessly operate essential hydraulic, electric or pneumatic functions.

For more than 20 years Tyro Remotes have been used to operate winches, flatbeds, lifting arms/forks or working lights in harsh roadside environments. We stand for quality and great performance. This is achieved by keeping development and production of our systems in-house in The Nederlands. Guarding and improving the process from A-Z.

Customize your remote control
A remote control must be operated intuitively. Standard products are available from stock. In addition we can customize our products to your needs for each application. Additional feedback via LED’s or display is optional for those who need feedback on values such as pressure, angles, weight or any other values measured.

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Why Tyro Remotes

  • ECE certified
  • Waterproof up to IP68
  • Longlasting batteries
  • Quick installation
  • Intuitive control
  • Customizable

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You let us know your application, we ensure the right remote control. Please contact us for a quote or more information.

Many customers preceded you

Recovery and salvage companies use our remote controls as OEM products in their vehicles, to operate their functions from a distance. On our website, you will find various projects which clearly shows that the possibilities are unlimited. Take a look for yourself!

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