Wireless control: a performance-enhancing feature for chippers!

In recent years, due to the growing demand for biomass, crane-fed chippers/grinders have gained a lot of popularity for the seperation and recycling of the wood waste. Which provides an alternative source of energy for the power plants.

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Since the chipper normally operates stationary, it is mostly filled by a second machine with the waste to be seperated and recycled. A wireless remote control is such a performance-enhancing feature for these machines!

Compatible with (field)bus networks

The chipper consists of a conveyor belt that transfers the branches in the chopper after which they are deposited by means of a discharge conveyor. The machine is filled with the aid of a shovel or a hydraulic crane. In this branch of mechanical engineering the control technology is largely using bus network from which ‘CANopen’ is most commonly used for mobile applications.

Tyro Fieldbus

The receiver is equipped with the unique universal Tyro Fieldbus concept. This concept makes the remote control compatible with most common industrial bus networks. The wireless system is a slave, like many other components of the ‘master’ → the main controller.

Remote control functionality

There are numerous functions that are managed by a remote control for examples: the turning direction and the speed of the supply and discharge conveyor. In addition to that remotely switching- on and switching- off the chopper – including the whole machine.

Chippers for garden and park management

This practical situation uses a heavy chipper to process wood waste efficiently to biomass. Besides these heavy machines, there are also several smaller machines for garden and park management equipped with a remote control for functions like rotating or tilting the pipe or to adjust the exhaust pipe

Always compatible with your controlling system

No matter what controlling system you use, Tyro Remotes can be your partner for a radio remote control. Whether you want to have potential free relay contacts, power MOSFETs, RS 232/485, CANopen, Profibus, Profinet, CC-Link, Modbus, DeviceNet, SERCOS, Compnet or Ethernet / IP, everything is possible!