Meet our new Tyro Team Members

Our Tyro Remotes family is growing, and we’re thrilled to introduce two new faces to our team: Eddy Celebi (left) and Jan Kemper (right).

Jan Kemper

Software engineer

First, we have Jan joining us as our latest member of Team Engineering. Jan has a love for all things tech and innovation. With Jan, and his years of experience, on our team, we’re well-equipped to keep delivering high-quality, reliable products that help streamline your operations and increase productivity.

Eddy Celebi

Business Development Manager

Next, we’d like to welcome Erdinc ‘Eddy’ Celebi, our new Business Development Manager. Eddy brings a wealth of experience and a talent for spotting new opportunities. His goal? To ensure we continue providing personalized support and offer tailor-made solutions specifically to your needs. Do you have an interesting application and want to know what solution we can offer? Get in touch with Eddy!

Both Jan and Eddy are fired up to contribute to our mission of improving control, enhancing safety, and reducing downtime in your operations. They can’t wait to get started and collaborate with you all.

And remember, at Tyro Remotes, we’re not just about remote controls. We’re committed to providing solutions that make your work safer, more efficient, and just plain better. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.