Highly mechanized manure-mix equipment

Due to the high degree of industrialization in the agricultural sector, practically in all branches ultramodern machines are deployed. The same applies to the manure storage and usage branch. In large silos there are thousand cubic meters of manure/slurry which is stored until it is dispatched. Manure-mix-pump remotely controlled In the mean time, it is […]

Hoof-Trimming with wireless control!

Cow care along with maximizing nutrition plays a crucial role in achieving milk production targets. One of the things in cow care is the hoof-trimming. Experience shows that hoof-trimming has positive effects on the milk production. The foot care of the cow known as hoof-trimming is done with a hoof-trimming crusher. Tyro Remotes has played […]

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Remote controls for agriculture, horticulture, dairy farming, forestry and biogas plants

The agricultural sector is becoming increasingly aware of the advantages for radiographic remote controls. Once again Tyro Remotes has proven that it does not simply produce indiscriminately, but takes every issue seriously and constantly looks for solutions. This innovative strength is expressed not only by the expansion of the range of products but also by the constant product optimisation. This partly explains Tyro’s success in the agricultural sector.

The electronics in a remote control suffers greatly from the ammonia fumes and damp conditions. Tyro Remotes was the only party on the market to come up with a solution for this. By casting the internal mechanism of the handheld transmitter in a resin, the electronics are completely protected against external influences. A cast-iron duo when combined with the waterproof (IP 68) receiver.