Tyro Remotes is moving

The time has come; Tyro Remotes is moving! Due to the enormous growth that we have experienced over the past few years, the time has come for us to move to a new location that will suit our current organization for the oncoming years. Not only has the number of employees increased, the storage for […]

In the spotlight: trainee Gisela

Tyro Remotes considers it important that students have the opportunity to gain work experience within the industry in which they follow the training. Each year we have several electronics students doing their internships in the production department. At the end of their internship we always ask them how they experienced it.

Remote controls tested in an anechoic chamber

anechoic chamber

All remote controls developed by Tyro are in compliance with the EMC directive. EMC stands for Electromagnetic Compatibility and the purpose is to prevent interference from and to other apparatus. In addition, it is also very important that the apparatus is immune to interference from external sources.

Product optimization: the new Tyro Aquarius receiver

Now even more robust and user friendly! In order to respond to the market needs and to meet the requirements for the new e4 certification, Tyro Remotes has redesigned it’s popular waterproof Aquarius receiver. This provides a number of important benefits for both the customers and the end users.